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#pumpforpeace is a global association initiated by Velosolutions. It wants to give kids in underprivileged communities access to cycling and action sports through pump tracks. #pumpforpeace introduces them to a healthy, respectful and tolerant lifestyle and believes that this, ultimately, will change the world.

How does #pumpforpeace make cycling more accessible?

#pumpforpeace facilitates the construction of a Velosolutions Pump Track, access to bikes, gear and support cyclists/teams, workshops and cooperations with youth organisations in underprivileged regions. #pumpforpeace raises the necessary funding and supports local charities to realise these projects. It focuses on sustainable initiatives and cooperates with governments, local organisations, musicians, local companies and involves the local community.

What is a pump track?

Velosolutions Pump Tracks are a worldwide success. They provide a playground for kids and adults alike, from beginners to professionals. A Velosolutions Pump Track provides a community with a sustainable and fun packed activity for all. A Velosolutions Pump Track is designed for all things on wheels. From mountain bikes to BMX’s and skateboards a pump track is a playground for wheels. By combining rolling jumps with turns, they are accessible for all.

How can you become a part of the #pumpforpeace journey?

Whether you are a government, city, a local charity or an individual who wants to make cycling more accessible, everyone can become a part. Spread the word, initiate a new project, help us raise funds or get hands-on as a volunteer.


The #pumpforpeace Guardians

The #pumpforpeace guardians are a team of very fine individuals from the action sport world who have realised that the noblest art is that of making others happy. Therefore, they have become ambassadors of #pumpforpeace and promote pump tracks around the world.

Gary Fisher

Nino Schurter

Travis Pastrana & Lynz Pastrana

Eddy Clerte

Kirt Voreis

Anka Martin

Experience and passion for bringing change.

“I have personally experienced the power of cycling in my own life. The passion for cycling the sport was instilled with me from an early age, and I carry it with me in my life each day. So often we sit back and ask ‘What can I do?’. I know the cycling world and I have founded a company that builds pump tracks. I wanted to promote tolerance and provide even the most underprivileged with the same opportunities many of my friends, and I have had? I asked myself: “what can I do with this?” Well, the answer was #pumpforpeace. In this initiative, we are using our experience, our passion and our love of cycling to help bring about change in the best way we know.”  

Claudio Caluori, CEO at Velosolutions, initiator of #pumpforpeace and a professional athlete for over a decade

Get Involved

Contact us if you want to build a pump track in your area, want to organise a concert or want to help support our projects.

Become a supporter

Support the #pumpforpeace initiative and help to spread the word. Follow Velosolutions and #pumpforpeace on Facebook and share the work we are doing around the world. Do you have a #pumpforpeace opportunity in your country? Get in touch today.

Take the stage

Are you a musician or a band and want to get involved with #pumpforpeace. We are always looking for new artists to take to the stage and support our fund raising initiatives around the world.

Grab a shovel

#pumpforpeace is a global initiative and we welcome volunteers who want to support our constructions. If we have a project taking place in your area, get in touch, grab a shovel and be a part of a truly special project in your community.

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