#4 Velosolutions Pump Track Sepheo

#4 Velosolutions Pump Track Sepheo

Year of construction: 2020

Where: Africa, Lesotho, Maseru 

Finally back in Lesotho for 2 new #pumpforpeace projects! This time together with the global Velosolutions crew consisting of 14 people from 9 countries, building 2 Velosolutions Pump Tracks in 2 weeks time! One pump track for Sepheo – a school for street kids based in Maseru and another pump track for a high school in Mantsonyane, up in the mountains. Two places that could not be more different!

Sepheo Velosolutions Pump Track

For the track in Maseru we have partnered with the amazing organisation Sepheo which works with children living and begging on the streets in Maseru, Lesotho’s capital. Their vision is excellence out of poverty. Lesotho’s poorest will become Lesotho’s best. Sepheo is the local word for purpose – “We want to see every child off the streets and living out their purpose.” 

The school is located in one of the most dangerous areas of Maseru and we believe that this will also become the place where we are going to see the biggest impact.  

Josh Groves, director of NGO Sepheo: “We have so many ‘out of school youth’ in our village. It is heartbreaking to see young people who can’t see anything positive in their futures. They’ve had very little access to opportunity or a chance at a carefree childhood. This pump track means that children can come to have fun and young people can focus on improving at a new sport and competing with the best in the world. Because this is on the Sepheo site, it means every single participant will be able to access Sepheo’s social supports and character development so they can discover their purpose.”

Kids watching the construction process

We faced many challenges while building the pump track together with our global Velosolutions crew put together from Sweden, Latvia, Argentina, UAE and Switzerland, France, Germany, Lithuania, South Africa, Lesotho. For sure it was a lifetime experience for everyone!

Velosolutions crew at work

Algis Ribikauskas, Construction Leader, Velosolutions Baltics 

“Africa threw some epic problems at us but this was not the kind of team that gets scared easily. Against all odds, two new pump tracks are bringing joy to local kids and we will continue building and bringing riding to as many kids as we can, no matter which part of the world they live.”

Kids and crew celebrating the build

Giving the track a test run, who needs wheels!

Besides sending home the first truck of cold asphalt and some heavy rain we managed to finish the pump track within the two weeks. The team was even able to spend a fun weekend in the Maloti mountains.

Velosolutions construction crew

Further news soon to come!

BIG thank you to…

…the lovely Hilpert Family from Switzerland