#6 Velosolutions Pump Track KwaMashu – Go!Durban Cycle Academy

#6 Velosolutions Pump Track KwaMashu – Go!Durban Cycle Academy



Year of construction: 2020

Where: Africa, Durban, Kwamashu

Rider getting ready as they finish up construction in Durban

The KwaMashu pump track is situated within the GO!Durban Cycle Academy bike park in KwaMashu. KwaMashu is a township 12 km north of Durban, South Africa, and has a population of approximately 200 000. The GO!Durban Cycle Academy has been operating since 2016 and established this bigger bike park, additionally to the one in KwaDabeka.

Construction at the KwaMashu track

The 1200m2 Velosolutions Pump Track is the largest one of the three to be built in Durban to date (after Chesterville and KwaDabeka) and is easily accessible to the public along one of the busiest main roads in KwaMashu. It is in close proximity to the local library and other community services.   

First runs on the brand new asphalt

Velosolutions South Africa was joined by some members from the international team all the way from Switzerland and Latvia. The harsh African conditions took their toll sometimes, but all was forgotten when the South African team took everyone to the beach for a quick surf session after work. Nothing like cooling off in the waves after a hard day in the African sun with typical Durban humidity on top of that.

Crew test runs in KwaMashu

This is the third pump track in the Durban region and it is amazing to see how cycling has developed in the 2 years since the first pump track was built in KwaDabeka. Thanks to the great work the GO!Durban Cycling Academy and its coaches! 

Velosolutions crew in KwaMashu

“As with the previous projects, it was great to interact with the local community and even though they were apprehensive at first, it was a joy to see them cheering us on as we were nearing completion of this new facility for them. Local kids and our team could not wait to get on a bicycle and do a lap or two around the new track. It was a great pleasure to be part of this project and to see the happy faces at the end. It brings a tear to the eye when you see people who have so little, have so much fun. We were truly blessed to be part of this project and hope to be back soon in Durban for the next one and so, even more, smiles for miles!!” Jan Van Schalkwyk, Velosolutions South Africa 

Thank you…

Go!Durban Cycle Academy 

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