#5 Velosolutions Bocheletsane High School 

#5 Velosolutions Bocheletsane High School 

Year of construction: 2020

Where: Africa, Lesotho, Mantsonyane

Far far away in the epic mountain scenery, above 2100m, you can find a nicely established High School which is now also home of a Velosolutions Pump Track. In partnership with the Bocheletsane High School we have created the third #pumpforpeace project in Lesotho. Within all these villages there is not much to do other than looking after cows and sheep, transporting goods on donkeys or becoming a taxi driver. We believe that the pump track will bring new spirit and opportunities to this beautiful village, with hosting local events, national events and possibly one day an international event.


Built-in 2013, the school is still (2020) expanding the facility with the focus on having 1000 kids from surrounding villages attending school and sport events. The school facility has very high standards for such a rural mountain village and its focus on sport is very visible. 

Pump track construction:

One thing we can say for sure, the struggle was real – #asphalttruck #wheretheheckareyou!?

We made good friends with the local construction crew and had fun moments with our dedicated cooking team who made us delicious local food on site. The view on the construction site was stunning! The many smiling kids running around everyday watching us building while wondering what this is finally going to be brought so much good spirit to the team.

Construction crew in Mantsonyane

Bocheletsane drone shot during the construction process

Construction at Bocheletsane

We can’t wait to come back to visit this beautiful place!

Kids in Mantsontyane

 Velosolutions crew at Bocheletsane High School