Claudio Caluori raised an overall of $4000 with his #keneveresting attempt in August for #pumpforpeace’s efforts around the world. $2600 was donated to support Sepheo in their feeding scheme efforts in Lesotho. The funds will help Sepheo to support 400 families (up to 1,600 people) for one month. Food parcels will include maize, oil, paraffin, soap, and/or other basic supplies designed to last for the entire month. Families with the most critical needs will be prioritised.

Sepheo is located in the middle of Motimposo, one of the poorest communities in Maseru and home of our latest #pumpforpeace pump track in Lesotho. Since March, they have been responding to hundreds of their own beneficiaries and the community-at-large during the government-mandated lockdown. This included the distribution of soap to 5,000 households, the placement and continued maintenance of handwash stations throughout the village, and emergency food relief to nearly 9,000 families.

We applaud their continued, monumental efforts to make a difference in people’s lives in the Mountain Kingdom. You can read more on the work they do in Lesotho here

We couldn’t have it done it without your support! Thank you to all who kept Claudio riding. The remainder of the raised funds will be allocated to new projects and we will have updates on that soon.