In 2017 a Velosolutions Pump Track was built in Roma Lesotho as a part of the #pumpforpeace initiative. There are many great stories coming from Roma since the pump track and ‘Bike Hanger‘ were set up, but this story from Khothalang Leuta is one of those stories that truly inspires the #pumpforpeace team, and makes all the hard work worth while.

„My name is Khothalang Leuta I am 17 years old I Live at Lesotho in Roma .. I’m living with my mom …my dad died 11 years ago I have an Aunty who helps my mom with a lot of things e.g paying for my school fees in order for me going to school etc. I started riding a bicycle when I was 7 years old and I was the fastest girl in my village. At that time I was just riding bicycles for fun …I didn’t even know that there’s something called pump track …but then when I was in grade 7 …a thing called pump track came ..when they were building it I didn’t even know that it’s a bicycle thing ..then it was done we were told that it’s a bicycle track …I was very happy that the pump track was built in our village and it was the only one in Lesotho it was the first and only pump track …. that’s when I told myself that I will ride pump track …at first I really didn’t enjoy pump track because I was the only girl into a group of guys riding. I felt very small each and every time when I had to train …then there was the the other guy who came to me and asked me questions do you feel about pump track ..I told him everything then he was like „nooo, where is your self esteem…. that’s very wrong, noo have to ride pump track wether you are alone or not …you have to show people what you got the world that you can be like your dad…show the world that you can be a champion like your dad”. That really inspired me from that moment … cycling means a lot to me because without it I couldn’t have been where I am now and pump track changed my life. It took me away from bad things … like drugs , alcohol, girls are getting pregnant at early age so it’s very important to me. It’s like it guides me to the right way …and Sky Cycling League is very important and caring …. It helps us with having that spirit of pump track with it’s monthly races… because without races???….I also wish to take part in others events at the other races and have friends and get to know each other … winning the Red Bull Pump Track World Championships Qualifyier means a lot to me, I got a chance to see different girls and from different countries showing what they’ve got and me showing what I’ve got…and I’m very grateful that my family supports me I made them love pump track in such a way that my Aunt and my uncle would travel all the way from Pretoria to Lesotho just for the event …in such a way that my mom would leave work for the event….I want every girl who is riding bicycles to reach where I am today. To enjoy the moment that will make them not to give up in cycling because so far I’ve seen that riding pump track is gonna change my life … It’s gonna lead me to my future dreams and live easy and healthy life. I always wanted to go overseas now that I have a chance. I will do all my best for my family and my country …I wanna make my dad proud wherever he is I will practice and practice as if I am going to die tomorrow.“